The art of science

Remarkable natural history illustrations from Museum Victoria

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Cover of The Art of Science
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria
By John Kean
RRP $50.00
Published by Museum Victoria
Paperback, 204pp, colour and b/w illustrations

The Art of Science presents the best of Museum Victoria's remarkable collection of natural history artworks.

Based on the museum's collection of rare books, field sketches, art works and taxonomic studies, the book features some of the most exquisite, rare and important illustrations of flora and fauna ever created. In addition to the artworks, which tell a story of exploration, discovery, painstaking research and documentation, the book also traces the lives, curiosities and observations of the artists and explorers, whom throughout history often worked against the odds to gather and record.

The Art of Science is a unique collection of exquisite images that will enrich our understanding of the history of art and science, the natural world, and the miracle of human perception.

John Kean is a Melbourne-based independent curator and writer. John has curated numerous exhibitions and published extensively on Indigenous art and the representation of nature in Australian museums.