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link to media release Alice’s Wonderland is a most curious learning adventure A new hands-on exhibition opening at Scienceworks on Saturday 21 March. MUSEUM VICTORIA 14 Apr 2015
Melba Melba objects find new home in Museum Victoria collection A rare collection of significant personal items owned by Dame Nellie Melba purchased for the people of Victoria. MUSEUM VICTORIA 02 Apr 2015
link to media release New Multilingual Tour Melbourne’s Immigration Museum today launched its new Multilingual Museum Tour with the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr Robin Scott MP. IMMIGRATION MUSEUM 20 Mar 2015
link to media release Spotlight on Lakes wildlife The Gippsland Lakes ‘Summer of Wildlife’ is heating up, as a flock of wildlife experts join the local community in a study of its rich wildlife. MUSEUM VICTORIA 05 Feb 2015
link to media release Gippsland Lakes’ Summer of Wildlife A survey of Gippsland Lakes’ wildlife has commenced, with the first phase revealing untold stories of wildlife in Mitchell River National Park. MUSEUM VICTORIA 17 Dec 2014
link to media release Melbourne coastline reveals first record of prehistoric sea turtle Two five-million-year-old sea turtle fossils have been discovered at Beaumaris, Melbourne. MUSEUM VICTORIA 04 Dec 2014
link to press release Mysteries of the Deep uncovered Dive in and uncover the secrets of the world’s largest habitat in Scienceworks’ newest exhibition. SCIENCEWORKS 15 Oct 2014
students at looking at artifacts Record education visitors at Melbourne Museum More students than ever before have visited Melbourne Museum for education experiences. MELBOURNE MUSEUM 22 Jul 2014