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Didgeridoo jam

by Amanda
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25 December 2011
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Christmas came early last week for 12-year-old Cole, who enjoyed a special visit to Melbourne Museum. He was greeted by Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre Manager Caroline Martin and one of Victoria's best didgeridoo players, Ron Murray.

Caroline and Cole Bunjilaka manger Caroline and Cole in the Forest Gallery.
Source: Museum Victoria

A keen didgeridoo player, Cole took in some valuable tips from Ron as they jammed together in the Forest Gallery. Ron was impressed with Cole's didgeridoo playing skills, claiming he has "good, strong cheeks" to master the traditional Aboriginal instrument.

Cole and Ron jamming Cole and Ron jamming on didgeridoos.
Source: Museum Victoria

Cole has cerebral palsy and is able to walk independently in his Hart Walker, which has been life-changing for him. 'Exploring the museum and walking through the Forest Gallery are something other families may take for granted. For me it's a reminder of how far Cole has come since he received his Hart Walker,' said Cole's mum Darise.

'Seeing Cole enjoy playing his didgeridoo with Ron Murray has made this one of the best days of the year for me', said Caroline Martin. 'I'm so glad that Bunjilaka is able to provide these experiences to children who are passionate about Aboriginal culture. I think Cole loved this special early Christmas gift'.

Cole and Ron with their instruments. Cole and Ron with their instruments.
Source: Museum Victoria


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