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He's alive!

by Brendan Williams
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17 May 2011
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This guest post is from Brendan, an animator and illustrator who is currently working on Tilt, the Planetarium’s upcoming show.

Here is Max’s first smile! After a process of design, approval, modelling, approval, etc. the characters for the new Planetarium show are starting to come to life!

Whilst it is a laborious and ongoing process, one that involves making a separate 3D model for each expression that the character will need, I can’t help feeling a bit of the exhilaration that Victor Frankenstein must have felt when his creature sat up and came in to being. Well, OK, that is a bit melodramatic but hey, I’m easily entertained (I wonder if that excuse would have worked for the doctor?)*.

Smiley Max Max with a grin!
Image: B. Williams
Source: Museum Victoria

There’s still plenty of work to be done, but it is these small victories that keep me excited and pointed in the right direction.

*before you all grab your pitchforks and storm the Planetarium Production Room, please note that Max and all associated characters exist only on in the computer!

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