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Gem of a proposal

by Kate C
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21 April 2011
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There are a lot of sparkling gems and minerals on display in Dynamic Earth but on Tuesday morning there was a new temporary exhibit with an unusually personal label...

Ring in exhibition showcase Engagement ring planted in an exhibition showcase in Dynamic Earth.
Image: Heath Warwick
Source: Museum Victoria

But who put it there? And why?

Simone sees the showcase. Simone sees the showcase.
Image: Heath Warwick
Source: Museum Victoria

It was all part of an elaborate surprise marriage proposal by David to Simone. She thought she was visiting the museum to take some promotional photographs. All seemed perfectly normal until she spotted the showcase containing an engagement ring and the label asking 'Simone, will you marry me?'

Congratulations David and Simone! It was a lot of fun for the museum to be in cahoots with the lucky groom-to-be.

The newly-engaged couple The newly-engaged couple, David and Simone.
Image: Heath Warwick
Source: Museum Victoria

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