Meet Me at the Museum

by Dr Andi
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18 November 2011
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Do you have about five minutes? Great! Come and “Meet Me at the Museum”. It’s a new online video series about items from the Museum Victoria collection.

Objects and specimens always have a few fascinating people moments. We glimpse at those moments and marvel at the objects.

Here's episode one.


Watch this video with a transcript.

Comments (9)

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Richard Morrison 24 November, 2011 08:17
What a fantastic presentation! So engaging and very enjoyable not to mention incredibly fasinating. Nice work!
Jan Molloy 23 November, 2011 09:06
Great ! 5 action packed mins and I learnt so much .
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Pennie 22 November, 2011 13:49
I love this Andi - a great little film with a cameo by Dan!
Nicholas Gold 22 November, 2011 12:05
Just love it! Great presentation; warm, knowledgeable and inclusive with a sense of fun!
Matthew 21 November, 2011 14:13
Great stuff Andi! I find microwave cooking very useful for those types of food that traditionally tend to stick when cooked on the stove top - such as porridge, lentils and pea & ham soup!
Lee-Anne 21 November, 2011 11:43
I do cook in the microwave Dr Andi. I 'bake' potatoes! Very entertaining and informative
Huw Edwards 20 November, 2011 20:34
That was very clever Dr Andi! The next time I use my office microwave I'll think of 1945 and melting chocolate! Keep making more of these Museum Victoria, great work!!!
Max Owen 18 November, 2011 14:50
This is beautiful film-making.Entertaining,quirky and educational.Love the sound track also.
Indra Kurzeme 18 November, 2011 11:27
This is very cool Dr Andi! Schools will love it.

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