Episode 10 - Evolution: The Seafood Diet

February 20, 2009 15:19 by andi

I’ve been attending the ‘Evolution, the experience: past, present, future’ conference here in Melbourne, and scientists have been asked to speculate about what life on earth will be like when we celebrate Darwin’s 300th birthday in a hundred years time.

David Karoly, scientist and commentator on climate change, suggested we may lose a third of the present species on earth and it is possible that prawns and shellfish will only be available from farming operations. Their disappearance from the sea can be predicted from the complex interchange of events surrounding pollution and climate change.  Sadly, over fishing and dredging in certain locations has already endangered certain species of fish and seafood well before the effects of any climate change.

We still have opportunities to save the demise of our seafood. In this episode, Mark Norman, Senior Curator of Molluscs, turns our attention to the ethics of the seafood diet and the real power of the ethically- informed consumer and restaurateur.  

Eat ethically, Cheers Dr Andi

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Maori Octopus Photographer: Mark Norman | Dr Mark Norman dissecting a giant squid | Orange Roughy Photographer: David Paul. These fish can live for over 140 years but overfishing has depleted many stocks