Episode 7 - Flockumentary

November 28, 2008 14:47 by andi

Whilst cleaning my home the other day I had an insight. (Yeah, I was glad too, it had been a while). Perhaps it was not so much an insight but a prediction or even a theory. I think I came up with this because I have a newfound appreciation of birds since talking to Museum Victoria staff about the world of birds.

My theory is that people have at least three effigies of birds in their homes. Don’t believe me? Well ... check the bathroom ... do you own a rubber duckie? How about decorative birds in the lounge room? (e.g. the retro-classic of three ceramic birds in flight.) Look in the garden: maybe you have a rooster wind vane, some terracotta geese, or those crazy wooden birds whose wings spin around in the wind? Safari into the kitchen (too easy) and check the oven mitts and tea towels.

I bet that someone in your household has depictions of feathered friends on their pyjamas. I have sleepy penguins on mine. Even my laundry cleaner is a toilet duck!

Got to fly

Dr Andi

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image_spread.jpg Visitors marvelling at the Elephant bird skeleton and egg.| Eggs in the specimen lab.| Rory with his bird preparations.