Episode 5 - The Pond-cast

September 30, 2008 10:53 by andi

I don’t actually own a pair of gumboots. That’s how much of an apartment-living, non-outdoor type of city gal I am. So when the PhD students who study Victorian frogs suggested I come on a field trip with them to a large frog pond I released a slow, drawn-out, reluctant, unsure but polite “okay”, thinking: I can still get out of this.

Yes, yours truly – the daring reporter, who intrepidly goes behind the scenes, ventures into hazardous laboratories and dares to go into collection stores where only a few museum staff and contracted cleaners ever go – was not keen about anything beyond Map 58 of the Melbourne road map directory. But this was a rare opportunity to go with tomorrow’s expert herpetologist where no “Access all Areas” had gone before.

So I confessed to the students the only frogs I am brave enough to hold are the chocolate ones I can buy from the I.T. staff canteen and went looking for gumboots. Luckily Dr Jo from marine invertebrates group found me a pair (thanks honey!).

Well … what a great night … I didn’t get to kiss the frog prince but I did get to hold hands.

Frog Princess for a night,  Dr Andi

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Josh looking for frogs in the pond.| Katie makes contact with the Southern Brown tree frog (Litoria ewingi) | Andi holding hands with Katie and Litoria ewingi (the frog prince).