Episode 13 - Be My Guest: Dinosaur Walk & Talk

May 14, 2009 13:42 by andi

Be my guest is a new series of podcast adventures that gatecrash Museum Victoria exhibition openings. Forget trying to get onto the VIP invite list, just sneak in with me and we’ll munch finger food with the A-list guests, pop a cork with curators and ask the critics what they think of the exhibition.

In this episode we find out what a teenage Mongolian Tarbosaurus has to say about the world, eavesdrop on an Amargasaurus on its mobile phone and take a joy ride on a flying Quetzalcoatlus. Yep, we will be chatting with fossils, walking with dinosaurs and dancing with ancient wolves.

Be my guest, Dr Andi

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dinosaur.jpg Toy dinosaurs walking off the shelf at the shop. Photo Andi Horvath | Kate Phillips, Senior Curator holding fossilised dinosaur poo, or coprolite. Photo Rodney Start | Tarbosaurus bataar greets visitors at the start of the exhibition. Photo Andi Horvath