Episode 1 - Bee Nice to Curators

May 30, 2008 14:00 by andi

I have had a mortal fear of bees and bee stings ever since I was a kid, having seen and heard one too many neighbourhood chums howling after being stung.

So far I’ve managed to avoid getting stung myself, so it is with great fascination (and relief at maintaining my safety record) that I can view a bee hive from behind glass at Melbourne Museum.

It’s truly an amazing sight to see the bees clambering over the comb and doing their thing: they must be among the busiest hardest working public servants around (except perhaps the drones – you’ll find out why in the pod cast).

Having pondered the notion that we must surely know everything about bees by now - well apparently not so, as we find out from entomology researchers ‘what still needs investigating’. I also ponder the notion: if the Museum specimens could talk, what would they say? I ponder, therefore I pod or rather, I podcast.

Bee nice to the curators and museum staff: they do important work! - Dr Andi

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Images: Simon the entomology enthusiast (Source: Dr Andi), Female worker bees 'working for reward' (Source: Museum Victoria), Luke is manager of live exhibits and 'King Bee' (Source: Dr Andi)