Episode 4 - Lizards of Oz

September 3, 2008 14:14 by andi

Like most adult inner-city dwellers I rarely encounter reptiles and, when I do, they are usually in the form of lollies, like the impulse-buy giant multicoloured pythons at convenience store counters. Then there are the packets of jelly snakes often supplied at corporate training sessions, interdepartmental brainstorms and kids’ parties.


When faced with a bowl of jelly snakes, I still dive in for a red one first, I still stretch them out until they snap (or almost snap depending on mood) and gobble them head first with gusto and childish delight.


Mental note to self: okay to do at kids’ parties but not so impressive with senior museum managers.


In this episode of ‘Access all Areas’ we visit a chameleon who has a special permit to be an Australian citizen, a skink couple, the skink wrangler, lizard researchers and a real (not jelly) snake handler.


Join us in an audio encounter of the reptilian kind.

Dr Andi


P.S. Sing “We’re off to see the lizards … the wonderful lizards of Oz because because because because because … because because!”


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Leela, Veiled Chameleon. Photographer: Alan Henderson, Source: Museum Victoria| Dr Jane Melville identifying a snake (Elaphe dione) in Kazakhastan, Central Asia. Source: Museum Victoria | Sign at Scienceworks. A few tiger snakes have crawled on the campus. (Dr Andi)