Episode 3 - Celebrity Rocks

August 5, 2008 20:21 by andi

Hello pod adventurers!

As it nears lunch-time here at work and my brain starts to resemble a slow-moving lava lamp, I know I only have to synthesise two simple thoughts: discovering the weather conditions outside the window and therefore deciding which of the local cafes gets my lunch money and patronage.

But wind back a million years ago to the same window vista and all I would see is volcanic smoke as Victoria (Australia) was a volcanic frenzy! And the only option for lunch would be smoked anything sandwiches. Okay I made that last bit up! So how do we know there was lava flow long ago? You guessed it, the rock-solid evidence of rock specimens: they map the story of our planet.

What blew me away in this pod episode was even though geology and mineralogy have been around forever as scientific pursuits, there are still rocks left unturned, and geoscientists are finding new minerals every year.

I pod, therefore I have rocks in my head and you will too when you hear what Pyrite and Pumice have to say about being museum specimens.

Rock on, Dr Andi.

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Beautiful Birchite. (Dr Andi) | The Bunyip Gold Nugget — This 50-ounce nugget was found near Bridgewater in the Loddon Valley and acquired by Museum Victoria in 1977. (MV Photographer Frank Coffa) | Dermot Henry clutches a special rock... (Dr Andi)

Show notes

More information

Find out more about Museum Victoria's Mineralogy collection, our gold nuggets and our famous meteorites.
"Birchite", the blue mineral pictured is named after Museum Victoria's very own Bill Birch - read all about it!



Genevieve Fahey - Manager, Scienceworks
Dr Bill Birch - Senior Curator (Geosciences - Mineralogy and Petrology)
Dermot Henry - Manager, Natural Science Collections
John Bosworth - Volunteer, Mineralogy
Prof. Timothy Darvill - Visiting UK archaeologist,Bournemouth University
Margaret Griffith - Public Programs Manager, Melbourne Museum and Pyrite
Shannon Henriksson - Multimedia assistant and Pumice


Mr Archie Cuthbertson - Podcast Recording Services


"Black Diamond Rag" Edison Cylinder Recording, 1908 from the Museum Victoria collection. (And stay tuned from more from this wonderful collection in the coming weeks!)


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