Episode 6 - Knee deep ... Knee deep

November 12, 2008 11:37 by andi

It happened a long time ago but I still remember studying for my Biology 101 exam at my friend Tim’s house. After chatting about the kidneys of salt water fish and many other zoological marvels (which seemed not so marvellous cos we were cramming for an exam) it was time for a coffee break. Tim made the coffees and as he opened the fridge door I caught a glimpse of a row of jars containing frog specimens! Yikes … (Tim’s Dad was a frog researcher.) Whilst I have accidentally grown scarier things in fridges, this was a surprise.

Leapfrog into the future to today and I have finally met the man responsible for this unforgettable experience; he is Associate Professor Murray Littlejohn who is a legend in the frog world for recording frog calls since the late 1950s. He is an honourary fellow here at Museum Victoria and his collection of frog sounds has been digitised for the Museum web site.

Let’s get “knee deep knee deep” once again into the world of frogs.

Dr Andi

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image_spread.jpg Murray Littlejohn with his new book Frogs of Tasmania.| Portable windup reel-to-reel recording equipment used to record frogs in the late-1950s. | Litoria littlejohni: a frog named after Murray Littlejohn. Photo of Littlejohn's Tree Frog taken at Minchin Track, Victoria.

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Museum Victoria Resources

Discover Victoria wonderful frog sounds in Bioinformatics

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Murray Littlejohn’s book is Frogs of Tasmania
Other field guide books for frogs try www.frogsaustralia.net.au/frogs/field-guides.cfm



Associate Professor Murray Littlejohn – Honourary fellow Museum Victoria


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