First Peoples Creation Cinema


Creation Cinema narrator: Bunjil sent the ancestor spirits to create the world.

Genevieve Grieves: The creation cinema is a beautiful collaboration between our multimedia company ENESS, our First Peoples Yulendj Group of community representatives and Elders, and the team here at Bunjilaka and the museum.

We worked very closely together to develop the script and the concept and through this collaboration we've achieved everything that we wanted. It's an amazing experience that we're very proud of.

Caroline Martin: Bunjil is a very significant creator ancestor. There are many creator ancestors from across Victoria. The reason that we're representing Bunjil in Melbourne is because he's actually the creator ancestor for Melbourne.

Kate Spencer: From the beginning we were really interested in making sure that this experience was one where the visitor felt a sense of awe and wonder about creation. So we wanted to evoke the same feelings you have when you're standing on a mountain top or looking at the ocean or watching a bird in flight.

So we developed the concept of Bunjil's wings and Bunjil's wings in motion but also the idea that the motion you see in the form mimics the motion you see universally through nature so it's the same motion as you see in waves, it's mountain ranges, it's a snake moving across the land, it's a manta ray moving through the water. We also wanted it to be an experience where people were mesmerised by creation.

Creation Cinema narrator: When the ancestor spirits finished their work, they ascended to the sky and became the stars.

Genevieve Grieves: We want our visitors to be immersed in the time of creation, in deep time. When time began. And we want them to experience creation as they would other religious stories from other cultures and countries across the world because Aboriginal sprituality is at the same level as all of those other religions.

Caroline Martin: My hope is that people will have a deeper understanding of Country, connection to Country - they'll feel connected to Country through the spirit of Bunjil and they'll feel safe on country through an understanding, a deeper understanding, of what our connection to our Country is.

About this Video

Genevieve Grieves, Caroline Martin and Kate Spencer talk about the Creation Cinema in the First Peoples exhibition.
Length: 2:34