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 From Where I Stand: Place, Culture and Politics This exhibition highlights the diversity of Aboriginal art in Victoria. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Coolamon artwork Empty Coolamons Indigenous artist Robyne Latham brings recognition to the Stolen Generations in this art exhibition.  Wuregwurung: Speaking Together A series of works by Wergaia/Wemba Wemba artist Kelly Koumalatsos. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Bunjilaka festival Bunjilaka Ngargee (Festival) Join us for a full day of family activities, spot talks, performances and much more! link to Naghlingah Boorais: Beautiful Children Naghlingah Boorais: Beautiful Children Possum skin cloaks made by 30 Koorie children celebrate their culture, identity and traditions. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA painting detail Last Man Standing Experience the vibrant paintings by one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA man in canoe on water Boorun's Canoe A story of cultural pride and intergenerational knowledge. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA River Woman River Woman An exhibition by Aboriginal artist Aunty Barb Egan. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA painting of an eagle Our Children Our Future Works by Koorie children that show the strength and diversity of Aboriginal culture. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Ritual and Ceremony Ritual and Ceremony An exhibition exploring the rituals and ceremonies of Victorian Aboriginal people. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Women with Clever Hands Women with Clever Hands An exhibition showcasing Aboriginal fibre work. My People, Culture and Country My People, Culture and Country An exhibition showcasing the work of Koorie youth from the Hume region of Victoria. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Mulana: Spirit Mulana: Spirit An exhibition of works by Victorian Aboriginal artist Megan Cadd. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA 20 Years: Bold. Black. Brilliant. 20 Years: Bold. Black. Brilliant. A retrospective exhibition of the Ilbijerri Theatre Company. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA From Little Things Big Things Grow From Little Things Big Things Grow An exhibition about Aboriginal activism in Australia. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA Lotjpa Lotjpa: Speaking to Presented as part of the 2009 Bunjilaka Community Exhibition Program. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Bogong Moth Ngujarn and Nakun Presented as part of the 2009 Bunjilaka Community Exhibition program. Students from Years 5 and 6, Mildura Primary School H.O.P.E. Project Exhibition An exhibition of artworks by Indigenous children from Mildura Primary School. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA I am the land & the land is me I am the land & the land is me An exhibition showcasing traditionally inspired Aboriginal works by four Victorian Aboriginal women. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Yamatji Pirni Yamatji Pirni: Many Friendships Exhibition of traditional and contemporary Indigenous works from Australia's Western Desert region. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA Ngathook mangoorroo watanoo… The Couzens Family Exhibition An exhibition of works revealing the unique, collective story of the Couzens family clan. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Murray Cod Murray Cod: the biggest fish in the river An art exhibition honouring Australia's largest freshwater fish - the Murray Cod.  Connecting To Country An exhibition from Victorian artists inspired by their new and continuing connections with Country. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA  Blandowski's expedition to the Murray, 1857 The 150th Anniversary of William Blandowski's expedition from Melbourne to the Murray River.  Wathaurong Glass: Weing ko-rok (fire and sand) A stunning exhibition of contemporary glassware from the Wathaurong region in Victoria. Koori Voices Koori Voices Revealing the history of Aboriginal people. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA Hearse with aboriginal flag Belonging to Country Indigenous art and objects have important stories and meanings to Aboriginal people. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA Two Laws exhibition, Bunjilaka Two Laws This exhibition looks at ongoing debates about Indigenous knowledge, law and property in Australia. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA NAIDOC Ball, 1970 Looking Blak and Having a Ball A photographic exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of NAIDOC celebrations in Victoria. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Biganga Contemporary works from Victorian Indigenous artists. Coiled basket by Rose Nabobbob, 2003 Twined Together Kunmadj Njalehnjaleken Ara Irititja Protecting the past, accessing the future.