Ara Irititja

Past Event: 7 January 2005 to 28 March 2005

Protecting the past, accessing the future.

The records, artefacts, photographs and films that were removed from Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, South Australia, are now too fragile to be returned.

The Ara Irititja (‘stories from a long time ago’) project began in 1994. Over 35,000 historical and cultural items have now been digitally returned to the Anangu communities, via a purpose-built electronic archive.

This touring exhibition provides a way to display fragile materials without endangering the originals.

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Discovery Centre 7 November, 2010 10:49
Hi Amanda, this was not a Museum Victoria exhibition but one that we hosted as part of a national tour. The best thing would be to contact the organisation at this link
Amanda Beal Barut 5 November, 2010 11:50
What is happening with the Ara Irititja project now at Museum Victoria? Are there any plans to continue to develop or revisit the touring exhibition?
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