Belonging to Country

Past Event: 23 May 2002 to 1 December 2011

Hearse with aboriginal flag, Bunjilkaka
Belonging To Country exhibition, Bunjilkaka.
Source: Museum Victoria

Indigenous art and objects have important stories and meanings to Aboriginal people.

They express identity, knowledge of the land, and indigenous views on history.

Many people enjoy indigenous art and objects, both for the beauty of their design and manufacture, and because they are an expression of indigenous peoples relationship to land.

This exhibition will close on Friday 24 February for exhibition redevelopment building works. An exciting new exhibition is coming to Bunjilaka in 2013.

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bob king crawford 25 April, 2011 16:34
Just wondering where the corroboree flag which i donated to the museum is being displayed. There isn't any way to bring it up on your website.
Steve from Central Queensland 1 May, 2011 21:55
I visited Melbourne Museum on Easter Monday 2011 & beside the hearse pictured above was a quote about your soul belonging to the land you were raise in, and after passing on your soul being restless until you were returned to your country. I was taken by the the quote but did not copy/write it down. Are you able to e-mail the full quote/story to me?
Courtney 31 May, 2011 11:34
Hello I was wondering if i could have the name of the artist in the short film who modifies art. White people are replaced with Aboriginal people. I would love to look it up. Thanks
Tim 15 June, 2011 17:43
Is the 'Belonging to Country' exhibition finishing in Bunjilaka? It says according above.
Discovery Centre 17 June, 2011 12:45
Hi Tim, according to the dates above, Belonging to country ends in December 2011. It's closing to make room for the new exhibition. 
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Tim 21 June, 2011 17:59
Regarding to my question above about Belonging to Country, will be 'Belonging to Country' be leaving Melbourne Museum or just closed temporary?
Dana and Nicky 18 October, 2011 14:36
I think that the aboriginal people like drawing lots of art to do with their land e.g. the flag
Discovery Centre 11 November, 2011 12:08

Belonging to Country will remain open until 1 December this year. After this date it will be permanently removed to make way for an exciting new Victorian Indigenous exhibition that will open in late 2012. Watch for updates on this new exhibition on the Bunjilaka website.