Koori Voices

Past Event: 1 January 2000 to 23 February 2012

Koori photos displayed at Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum
Koori Voices photo display.
Source: Museum Victoria

Revealing the history of Aboriginal people.

This exhibition celebrates the diversity of a culture that has withstood the impact of colonisation for nearly two hundred years.

It reveals a history of Victoria that has been hidden, even denied, for over 170 years.

Koori Voices tells the stories of Aboriginal people since the arrival of the British in the 1830s. It also looks at the impact of colonisation and the way in which Aboriginal people have struggled to maintain their culture.

Some stories speak of brutality, oppression and hardship. Other stories recall the struggles and joys of daily life.

This exhibition will close on Friday 24 February for exhibition redevelopment building works. An exciting new exhibition is coming to Bunjilaka in 2013.

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Linda K 14 January, 2012 09:09
Went to the Museum yeasterday, came across picture of my grandmother Claire Kennedy & Uncle Rohan in 1975 - Nice to see the history of our people recognised so beautifully!
Tim 17 July, 2011 14:09
Is 'Koori Voices' staying at Bunjilaka or finishing like 'Belonging to Country' and 'Two Laws'?
Cherryn Briggs 20 June, 2011 14:44
What a lovely Exhibition of the traditional owners and the fight and journeys they have had in there lives.
samuel welsh 14 April, 2011 17:12
may aussie learn to love these people.
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