Last Man Standing

by Trevor Turbo Brown

Past Event: 16 November 2012 to 30 June 2013

Kangaroo, Dingoes - brothers in arms, fighting for their country
Source: Trevor Turbo Brown

Experience the vibrant paintings by one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists.

A Latje Latje man from Mildura, Trevor Turbo Brown is famous for his brightly coloured and playful paintings depicting the close connection he has with animals of the Australian bush. Last Man Standing features twelve large scale landscape paintings of Australian animals inspired by Museum Victoria’s birds and mammals collection as well as the bush itself.

Created especially for Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Turbo unveils these extraordinary paintings for the first time, which feature many animals on display in Melbourne Museum’s Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world exhibition, including kangaroos, dingos and a Leadbeater's Possum.

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Katharine schade 28 November, 2012 19:56
Hi, can you please tell me what the music is on the video at this exhibition. Thanks
Rowena Isle 5 December, 2012 13:46
Hi Katherine, I believe the music is by "the Pet Rocks" from the album 'Wayward Ways'. The exhibition is amazing isn't it?
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Chiara 24 January, 2013 11:39
Hi, I was wondering whether there was any way of accessing the short documentary that was on display at the exhibition, it was really fascinating but a little difficult to hear. Cheers
Liz 4 March, 2013 17:36
I also loved the exhibition and video but had real trouble hearing what Turbo said and his was the most important voice! Turn it up please.