Mulana: Spirit

Past Event: 20 November 2010 to 3 April 2011

'One dress, so much history...'
'One dress, so much history...'
Source: Megan Cadd
Photo: Deon Van Den Berg

An exhibition of works by Victorian Aboriginal artist Megan Cadd.

Meaning ‘spirit’ in Yorta-Yorta language, Mulana is an exhibition featuring a series of works by Victorian Aboriginal artist Megan Cadd that revolve around key events in her life over the last few years. The impact of losing her only Aboriginal grandmother, coming into contact with an emu feather skirt from the 1800s, her studies as a spiritual based counsellor, trips back to Yorta-Yorta land and experiences with her family and the Melbourne Aboriginal community are reflected in works that explore the notion of Megan claiming back her spirit while living a colonised life. Featuring installations, paintings and prints, Megan’s work in this exhibition is contemporary while paying respect to her ancestors, family, community and culture.

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bryan 29 September, 2010 14:56
I can't wait to see the work in this exhibition. All the best to Megan! x
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Lucy 7 October, 2010 14:11
The image above is so beautiful, and I can't wait to see the rest of the work in November!
Nicholas Boseley 10 November, 2010 14:58
How wonderful to see such a unique personal story told through art, well done Megan, I'm so looking forward to seeing this.
Ricahrd 25 November, 2010 07:48
Looking forward to seeing this exhibition
Leanne 25 November, 2010 13:26
Congratulations Megan - a wonderful and inspiring exhibition. Well done for all your hard work.
Marika Kalargyros 7 December, 2010 17:04
Fantastic , loved it, tellin everyone about it!!