Two Laws

Past Event: 23 May 2002 to 23 February 2012

Two Laws exhibition, Bunjilaka
Two Laws exhibition, Bunjilaka
Source: Museum Victoria

This exhibition looks at ongoing debates about Indigenous knowledge, law and property in Australia.

It invites thought about an autonomous future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

When Britain established legal control over Australia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, hundreds of Indigenous nations were subordinated to the crown.

The colonisers did not recognise Indigenous legal systems. They usually believed Aboriginal people’s beliefs, religion and culture to be inferior to their own belief systems.

Indigenous Australians have resisted this domination over them from the beginning. People persisted with their own laws. Indigenous rights, in recent decades, have been recognised worldwide. Formal recognition of Indigenous customary law is now being called for.

This exhibition will close on Friday 24 February for exhibition redevelopment building works. An exciting new exhibition is coming to Bunjilaka in 2013.

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Tim 23 February, 2012 17:54
Will this exhibition be showing anymore after the redevelopment? (Also the same with Koori Voices)
Discovery Centre 24 February, 2012 10:56

Hi Tim, The current exhibitions in the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre (including Two Laws and Koori Voices) will close on Friday 24 February 2012 to commence building works for the new 'First Peoples' exhibitions, which will open in mid 2013.

These new exhibitions will deliver fresh perspectives, new insights and a larger focus on the region of south-eastern Australia, sharing the dynamic and vibrant cultures of Victorian Aboriginal people.

During the redevelopment, the Birrarung Gallery, Milarri Garden and Kalaya will remain open, with exhibitions in Birrarung showcasing the many artistic talents of our Victorian Koorie community. Public and Education Programs will also continue in Bunjilaka during this period.

Sharifah 1 May, 2011 14:38
Does this exhibition run between 10am-5pm? Does it show Eddie Mabo's contributions?
Discovery Centre 8 May, 2011 14:14

Hi Sharifah, thanks for the question. The 'Two Laws' exhibition is a permanent exhibition and there is no mention of Eddie Mabo. Keep an eye on the Bunjilaka website for other travelling exhibitions that may interest you.

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