History, Culture & Collections Seminars

Humanities Department History, Cultures & Collections Seminar Series

Speaker Program 2015

When: Second Wednesday of each month, March to November
Where: Melbourne Museum Theatre, Lower Ground Floor, Melbourne Museum, Carlton Gardens (subject to change, check seminar details to confirm location)

DateSeminar Title and Speaker
July 2015 With apologies, July's lecture is cancelled.
Past Seminars
10 June Four pictures, a coat and a wobbly plot: Memory and truth in family history
Dr Elizabeth Suda
13 May Kaapa Tjampitjinpa's invention of contemporary art
John Kean
22 April Religion in museums
Crispin Paine
8 April Museums, libraries and galleries must be more than just the ‘Rosetta Stones’ of material culture
David Demant
11 March Exclusion and a call for justice: The Lambing Flat banner
Karen Schamberger (PhD student at Deakin University)

Free entry, but please book:
For RSVP email rsvphumanities@museum.vic.gov.au
For further information phone:
Deborah Tout-Smith Ph: 8341 7386
Dr Philip Batty Ph: 8341 7369