Jamie Thomas

Senior Project Officer, Repatriation and Community Support

Jamie Thomas is a Gunnai/Kurnai man from Eastern Victoria with apical connection to western Victoria through his Grandmother’s country.

Jamie has worked extensively for the past 24 years in both Victoria and the Northern Territory with a wide range of Aboriginal groups and organisations and in many capacities, mostly community liaison and support roles. He commenced work at Museum Victoria in April 2013 as the Senior Project Officer, Repatriation & Community Support, that is partly funded by a Commonwealth grant to the museum for its Indigenous Repatriation Program. This program seeks to repatriate Ancestral Remains and Secret/Sacred objects back to Indigenous communities, and the primary focus of Jamie’s work has been in Victoria.

Jamie’s job involves consulting and negotiating with Traditional Owners and Registered Aboriginal Parties that manage cultural heritage on country. He works closely with relevant government agencies such as the Office of Aboriginal Affairs and the Victorian Heritage Council to co-ordinate the return of Ancestral Remains and back to country.

Jamie’s role is extremely important for Aboriginal communities to heal and move forward in laying the Ancestors to rest, and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this process and responsibility. He is developing an information pack for communities and working towards implementing a QGIS computer mapping system that will assist these communities with the repatriation process and identify the original locations for provenanced Ancestral Remains.

Last updated 8 August 2014

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