Image URLs

You can construct a source image Url fairly easily given an image Id.

URLs are constructed by first padding the image Id with leading zeros if the image Id has less than 6 digits, the first 3 digits from this number form the first directory and the last 3 digits form the next. You then add on the image Id itself (non-padded) then choose the size that is needed from the table below. URLs take this general format.{part id1}/{part id2}/{id}_{size}.jpg

Image Sizes

size description
smallthumb Cropped thumbnail, 50x50
largethumb Cropped thumbnail, 60x60
featuredthumb Cropped thumbnail, 130x130
hoverthumb Cropped thumbnail, 150x150
small Small image, 250 on longest side
medium Medium image, 475 on longest side
Large Large image, 950 on longest side


{part id1} = 002
{part id2} = 346
{id} = 2346
{size} = medium

{part id1} = 188
{part id2} = 775
{id} = 188775
{size} = largethumb
Yes No