Get the metadata for multiple items indicaded by a comma delimited list of item identifiers.


Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
ids (required) string Comma delimited string containing one or more unique identifiers indicating which items to retrieve.
detail (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max<=3 Determines what level of detail to respond with. 1 being the briefest through to 3, the most verbose.


For example this will retrieve two items with ids 404914 and 408335 and a detail level of 1.,408335&detail=1

The response will look something like this:

	<name>Printing Press - English Common Press, Fawkner, 1700s</name>
	<registrationNumber>ST 026747</registrationNumber>
	<summary>The Melbourne Advertiser, the first Melbourne newspaper, ...</summary>
	<description>Printing press; a wooden standing mechanism with ...</description>
	  <description>This image shows the Fawkner Press in its ...</description>
	  <title>Fawkner Printing Press, Correct
	<name>Coach - Abbott &amp; Downing, 'Concord' Type, 1867</name>
	<registrationNumber>ST 025188</registrationNumber>
	<summary>Concord or thorough-brace type coach made by Abbott ...</summary>
	<description>Fitted with dual brake levers a serial number is ...</description>
	  <description />


Code Message
1 Maintenance - Site is down for maintenance and will be back shortly.
2 ResourceNotFound - Item(s) could not be found.
400 InvalidParameter - Request is either missing a required parameter or parameter is of an invalid type.
Yes No