Search for items using a free text query. Results will be paged and sorted by relevance.


Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
q (required) string Search term that is used for the free text query.
detail (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max<=3 Determines what level of detail the returned items will contain. 1 being the briefest through to 3, the most verbose.
start (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max={totalItems} Indicates at what item number to start paging at. If the value does not lie at the beginning of a page it will be rounded down to the nearest page.
size (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max=500 Specifies the amount of items to return per page.


For example this will search for items containing the text "tractor".

The response will look something like this:

      <name>Photograph - Daniel Harvey Pty Ltd, Tractor with Cultivator, ...</name>
      <registrationNumber>MM 89310</registrationNumber>
      <summary>Photograph of a Howard DH22  tractor with a cultivator, manufactured ...</summary>
      <description>Black and white photograph of a Howard DH22 tractor with a ..</description>
        <description>Howard DH22  tractor with a cultivator, manufactured by ...</description>
        <title>Photograph - Tractor with cultivator</title>


Code Message
1 Maintenance - Site is down for maintenance and will be back shortly.
4 SearchTermError - Unable to Parse search term.
400 InvalidParameter - Request is either missing a required parameter or parameter is of an invalid type.
Yes No