Retrieve all items that are associated with a certain location. Results will be paged.


Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
id (required) string Unique identifier indicating which location to retrieve.
detail (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max<=3 Determines what level of detail the returned items will contain. 1 being a brief summary, 2 having everything 1 does plus any aggregates the item belongs to, and 3 containing everything.
start (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max={totalItems} Indicates at what item number to start paging at. If the value does not lie at the beginning of a page it will be rounded down to the nearest page.
size (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max=500 Specifies the amount of items to return per page.


For example this will retrieve all items from the location with an id of 2.


The response will look something like this:

      <name>Negative - Melbourne, Victoria, 1924</name>
      <registrationNumber>MM 003436</registrationNumber>
        <description>A SMALL GIRL (AGED 6) DRESSED AS A DUTCH BOY .../description>
        <title>Negative - Copy</title>


Code Message
1 Maintenance - Site is down for maintenance and will be back shortly.
2 ResourceNotFound - Location could not be found.
400 InvalidParameter - Request is either missing a required parameter or parameter is of an invalid type.
Yes No