Generally speaking requests will take the general form of the root API uri followed by the resource and the method within the uri path. Any parameters that method may accept should be added as query string parameters.

For example this will call the GetInfo method on an Item resource with an id parameter.


When sending requests please ensure that all arguments are UTF-8 encoded.


Requests to the API are subject to a rate limit of one per every 100 Milliseconds. If you exceed this rate you will be denied access to the API until this time period has elapsed.

Global Parameters

All the methods provided will accept any of the following global parameters:

Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
format (optional) string xml xml, json Controls the reponse format returned to the user.
indent (optional) integer false true, false Determines whether the response will be returned to the user in a human readable format. By default all whitespace is stripped out which can make debugging difficult.

Paging Parameters

Whenever a method returns paginated results there are two parameters that allow you to control the paging:

Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
start (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max={totalItems} Indicates at what item number to start paging at. If the value does not lie at the beginning of a page it will be rounded down to the nearest page.
size (optional) integer 1 min>=1, max=500 Specifies the amount of items to return per page.
Yes No