Get the metadata for a specific theme indicaded by theme id.


Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description
id (required) integer Unique identifier indicating which theme to retrieve.


For example this will retrieve a theme with an id of 2112. It is worth noting that the description element can contain encoded HTML.

The response will look something like this:

  <description>&lt;P&gt;James Wallace first appears in Wellington’s ...</description>
    <description>A round copper token (29 mm diameter). The piece ...</description>
    <title>James Wallace Token Penny</title>
  <name>James Wallace, Grocer, Wellington, New Zealand (circa 1830-?)</name>


Code Message
1 Maintenance - Site is down for maintenance and will be back shortly.
2 ResourceNotFound - Theme could not be found.
400 InvalidParameter - Request is either missing a required parameter or parameter is of an invalid type.
Yes No