Duplicator - Ellams, Bantam, Model No. 2, circa 1850s-1890s Object Reg. No: HT 22185

Flat bed duplicator, similar to an Edison Mimeograph.

This description comes from the Early Office Museum website:
(This duplicator was) 'sold in rectangular wooden boxes. The boxes contained a hand printing frame that consisted of a flat bed or printing board and a hinged frame that held the stencil. The boxes also contained an ink roller, an inking slate, ink, varnish and a brush for making corrections, waxed stencil paper, blotters, a writing stylus, and a writing plate with a file-like surface that was 1.5" to 3" top-to-bottom and as wide as the printing frame.
To prepare a handwritten stencil, "A sheet of Mimeograph stencil paper is placed over the finely grooved steel plate and written upon with a smooth pointed steel stylus, and in the line of the writing so made, the stencil paper will be perforated from the under side with minute holes, in such close proximity to each other that the dividing fibers of paper are scarcely perceptible." After the operator has written a few lines, the operator moves the stencil upward over the writing plate so that a new portion of the stencil is on top of the writing plate. "After the stencil is completed it is placed in the printing frame, by which the stencil is firmly held taut and in a position for rapid printing. After inking the roller on the slate furnished for that purpose, pass it over the stencil sheet and a correct reproduction of the matter stenciled will appear on the paper which has been previously placed underneath.""
http://www.officemuseum.com/copy_machines.htm - accessed 17 November 2008
Discipline: Technology
Dimensions: 130 mm (Height), 310 mm (Width), 400 mm (Length)

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Themes this item is part of: Early Desktop Publishing - A Brief History of Copying & Duplication, Information & Communication Collection
Primary Classification: COMMUNICATIONS
Secondary Classification: Printing
Tertiary Classification: copiers
Inscriptions: On lid of box: Ellams/Bantam/Duplicator/No. 2 model/Ellams/14/146 Queen St/Melbourne, C.1./Phone Cent. 552
Inside box beside inking plate and roller: Caution!/This inking roller is Gelatine./Do not expose to artificial heat, sun's rays, moisture or wash with water./If it is desired to clean it, Benzine or Petrol may be used and the roller should then be dusted lightly with French chalk or similar powder
Inside on side of box: MAKERS/ELLAMS DUPLICATOR CO LTD/12 King St/London E.C.2
Manufacturer: Ellams Duplicator Company Limited, Cheapside, London, England, Great Britain, 1850s-1890s


Mike Walker Posted on 12 Feb 2013 7:36 AM
I have one of these Duplicators in the attic. Would you like a photo? I noticed you didn't have one. The Duplicator is from my aunt's house in Sheffield and can now be found in our attic in the Netherlands!
gary smith Posted on 11 Jan 2015 11:08 PM
i have a ellams bantam duplicator no1 model
Yvette Posted on 16 Apr 2015 10:46 AM
I have a No.2 model (31019) with original roller, tube of ink, instructions & a Property map/legend of " Casterton "

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