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Garden Hose - Gardner's Choice, Soaker Hose, circa 2000 Object Reg. No: HT 21624

This garden hose was acquired as part of the Museum Victoria 'Curator for a Day project', undertaken in October 2007. The garden hose was manufactured by Gardner's Choice, a registered trademark of the Australian retailer K Mart. It is a soaker hose designed for watering a domestic garden.

The 'Curator for a Day project' was a collaboration between the Williamstown Environmental Neighbourhood Cluster and Museum Victoria's Water Smart Home project. Students were required to nominate objects relating to water conservation and changing water behaviour for inclusion in the Museum's Water Smart Home collection.

The Williamstown Neighbourhood Cluster is made up of Williamstown High School, Williamstown North Primary School, Williamstown Primary School and Spotswood Primary School. The cluster aims to develop a model for environmental education through active learning opportunities through local community partnerships. Students research, develop understanding and actively engage in environmental projects within their neighbourhood.
This Garden Hose is 15 metres in length and translucent green in colour. It has a black plastic tap attachment at one end. The hose has been packaged in a flat, roughly rectangular coil that is held in place by a cardboard label.
The cardboard label has a large picture of a flower as well as details of the product length and features.
The cardboard label is the same on both sides excepting that on one side, the figure $4.75 has been handwritten in black ink.
Statement Of Significance:
This 'Curator for a Day' collection of water related objects is historically and technically significant on both a practical and conceptual level. Several of the objects (hose attachment, sprinkler fitting, garden tap and car wash) are once common water related household and garden objects which reflect water behaviours and practices that have become outdated over recent years. Similarly, the novelty and game items reflect the way that water used feature in leisure activity and how this behaviour has changed. There is a need to collect these contemporary objects while they are in the process of being replaced but are still relatively common and therefore accessible for donation/acquisition. The collection is historically and technically significant as it offers insight in what this group of upper primary and lower secondary school students feel to be important objects to collect and conserve for the future. This in turn highlights how they perceive the current water crisis as well as how they perceive museums and the types of contemporary objects that should be collected.

The Curator for a Day collection of objects is also a very practical critique of water use and perceptions of wastefulness. It documents the current water use practices of this group of students and the change that is occurring in their own life time. It is an extremely tangible and insightful reflection of their own lived history. Acquiring this collection is also a dynamic way of documenting the unique 'Curator for a Day' project. In doing so, the evolution of the Water Smart Home program as well as how it adapted to the changing needs of the community is captured. In addition, the differing ways that Museum Victoria is engaging with the community is documented by the acquisition of this collection.

This object is strategically applicable to the Water Smart Home Project and broader issues of sustainability. This collection of objects is directly connected to the public program and water related heritage collection components of the Water Smart Home website. It is also representative of responses to environmental issues and to water conservation in a domestic context.
Acquisition Information:
Donation from Kara Spence, 2007
Discipline: Technology
Dimensions: 38 mm (Height), 400 mm (Width)

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Tagged with: conservation, preservation, sustainability, water conservation, water consumption, water smart home, -1
Themes this item is part of: Water Smart Home - Project Description, The Curator for a Day Project, Childhood & Youth Collection, Domestic & Community Life Collection, Leisure Collection, Sustainable Futures Collection
Primary Classification: SUSTAINABILITY
Secondary Classification: Conservation - Water
Inscriptions: Printed on cardboard label: "Gardener's Choice / SOAKER HOSE / 15m length / Sprinkles and soaks / Suitable for lawns, garden beds, nature strips and driveways / Waters up to 6.7m wide at normal tap pressure... (and further associated text) ... MADE IN TAIWAN / Copyright KMART AUSTRALIA LTD 2005..." and further text.
Handwritten, black marker pen, front: "$4.75".
Distributor: K Mart, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, circa 2000
Partner Organisation: Williamstown Environmental Neighbourhood Cluster, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, 2007
Collector: Water Smart Home Project, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2007
References: http://www.4schools1planet.vic.edu.au/ Viewed by LDH 3.12.08
http://www.melbournewater.com.au/content/water/water_storages/stage_3a_water_restrictions_-_questions_and_answers/vehicle_washing.asp Viewed by LDH 3.12.08

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