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Postcard - MV Fairsea, Genoa, 1957 Image Reg. No: HT 1059

Postcard of the MV Fairsea, Sitmar Lines, circa 1957.

Collected by immigrants Barbara and John Woods, who migrated from Buckinghamshire on the MV Fairsea in 1957. The Barbara and John Woods Collection comprises documents and photographs that provide a comprehensive insight into the Woods' immigration experience, from the issuing of their passage tickets, to their arrival in Melbourne.
Acquisition Information:
Donation, 2002
Discipline: History

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Tagged with: assisted immigration, immigration, shipping lines, ten pound tourists, immigrant voyages
Themes this item is part of: Barbara & John Woods, British Migrants, 1957, Transport Collection, Post World War II British Migration to Australia
Primary Classification: MIGRATION
Secondary Classification: Travel - Shipboard Life
Tertiary Classification: souvenirs
Format: Postcard: Colour
Publisher: Sitmar Line (Societa Italiana Transporti Marittimi S.p.A.), Genoa, Italy, 1957
User: Mr. John Woods, 1957
User: Mrs Barbara Woods, 1957
Ship Depicted: ., 1957


william gribbin jp Posted on 11 Mar 2010 9:31 AM
I and my son where on the Fairsea when a engine room fire broke out, we stood for five days before been towed to Balboa.We where on the way to the UK, jan 1969.
any other passengers would like to contact me at we.willy@hotmail.com
elizabeth higginbotham Posted on 29 Nov 2010 6:55 PM
I came to aussie in 1956 we were the last ship through before the Suez was closed during toe war.
elizabeth higginbotham Posted on 24 Dec 2010 6:38 PM
I would to be in contact with anyone who was aboard at that time. We had a menu to choose from. I was in a cabin with a woman and her 2 children, when her husband was there I was locked out. As for the smell of bleach, it was probably to get rid of the chlorine, or maybe that was what you smelled. I accompanied my Grandparents. I went to Bunnerong Hostel to get a square meal. English people complained because it wasn't greasy fish and chips. I got their food coupons. My e/mail is open, please have a chat about old times.
john yass Posted on 20 May 2011 5:57 PM
I came to australia with my mother and grandmother in 1950 from Naples ,we travelled from Germany after the war,my mother and grandmother were polish farmworkers during the war.
Richard Blakeman Posted on 14 Mar 2012 12:19 AM
We have this postcard. It was given to my family with our voyage documentation for our voyage to Australia, and we still have it. We departed Southampton on May 15th, 1958 ( a day later than scheduled and I'm not sure why. Mechanical problems?) Sailed through an almighty storm in the Bay of Biscay which is still vivid in my memory, even though I was only 8 at the time. Sailed through Suez just after it reopened. There will still the masts visible above the waterline of ships sunk in the Great Bitter Lake from the 1956 war. Only time we were able to disembark before reaching Fremantle was at Aden, then still a British Crown Colony. Tommies in Jeeps on every street corner. I still remember the excitement of waking early one morning after a long voyage across the Indian Ocean, to see the lights of Fremantle through the porthole on our cabin on "B" Deck. Vivid memories still. I was glad to get off that ship when we got to Melbourne, but there started my lifelong love affair with the sea.
Tom Gillespie Posted on 29 Dec 2012 8:22 AM
We also still have the postcard. We travelled from Southamton to Melborne.We went about the same time as people above(1958)made the same stops but we also stopped at Singapore. Above us on the passenger list was the Gibbs family. They did rather well a few years later. The reason I posted this message I want to ask did anybody stay at Brooklyn Hostel in Melbourne? Can't find any record of it anywhere.Same cabin problems as Richard Blakeman above with families split up.We only stayed three years and came home on the Fairsea's sister ship Castel Felice.Better cabin and food on way home as we had to pay full price and not ten pound per person.
Tom Gillespie Posted on 29 Dec 2012 8:27 AM
We had the same cabin problems as Elizabeth Higginbotham, not Richard Blakeman.(mistake)
Jean Lyle nee Frances Posted on 25 Mar 2013 9:27 AM
I came over with parents had my fifteenth birthday on board Christmas and New Year. My mum and I were two of fourteen women in a cabin the men folk were in the cabin next door. Only slept in the cabin spent all of our time on deck. Had a ball. We often wondered while looking over the sea towards Australia what we would be doing ten years hense. My father died exactly the day we left England ten years before. Arrived in Australia January 1958.All the comments above are true including the storms after we left the uk. After arriving in Australia as a family we never looked back.
Tom Gillespie Posted on 26 Mar 2013 6:34 AM
Hello Jean Lyle.I am two years younger than you and before going to Australia I had probably never been more than ten miles from home in my life, so the boat trip was a great adventure.Things hard for everyone at time so for us holidays out of question. Was it the same for you? We all loved Australia except Mum so that it why we came home.The money we saved in Australia meant when we got home we could afford to buy house,instead of renting like the rest of our famlies.I remember looking out for the first sight of Australia and standing at the docks at Freemantle(exciting times).We could probably go on all day about the trip,any thing still stand out in your memory after all this time? Best wishes. Tom.
Shirley Brady ( Nee Chapman) Posted on 07 Nov 2014 2:05 PM
Museum Victoria Comment
My parents and I emigrated in 1961,from Devon via Southampton, landing at all ports but my parents had been given advice that Brisbane was best so held out for that - declining invitations to disembark in Freemantle,Melbourne and Sydney. I remember my terror at what happened to my father in the " crossing the equator" ritual. We had a fancy dress competition on board - my mother stitching paper hearts all over my best dress to go as queen of hearts. We also had segregated cabins which caused a lot of grief in our case to my mother. I am grateful that my parents took this giant step as I have a wonderful life in Australia and can't imagine living anywhere else. We nearly all came to this country as immigrants and many would do well to remember this in 2014 where we are "turning back the boats"

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