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Badge - USA Pentathlon, Olympic Games, Los Angeles, 1984 Object Reg. No: SH 942317

This badge was collected and worn by the donor on an Akubra hat at Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984. It is a tradition at the Olympics to swap your own badges for those from other countries and wear them on hats or jackets.

The donor designed uniforms for the Australian team and was awarded equal first for her designs of the Australian Women's Team costumes.
Small metal shield shaped badge, with a multi-coloured design emanelled on the front. On the back is a small metal pin.
Acquisition Information:
Donation from Ms Prue Acton, 1994
Discipline: History
Dimensions: 1.30 cm (Height), 2.10 cm (Width), 2.10 cm (Length)

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Tagged with: fashion, fashion design, fashion industry, olympic games los angeles 1984, women s clothing accessories, making history - prue acton
Themes this item is part of: Clothing & Textiles Collection, Domestic & Community Life Collection, Public Life & Institutions Collection
Primary Classification: SPORT
Secondary Classification: Olympic Games - Los Angeles 1984
Tertiary Classification: badges
Inscriptions: Enamelled on front: MODERN PENTATHLON/ USA
Manufacturer: Unknown, Taiwan (Republic of China), 1984
Original Owner: Prue Acton, 1984-1994
References: RMIT Collection


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