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  • Aeroplane Model - Illyushin Il-18 Object

    Aeroplane Model - Illyushin Il-18

    Aircraft History Developed as a 75-100 seat airliner for the Soviet state airline Aeroflot in the 1950s, the Ilyushin Il-18 was widely used to expand air services in the USSR over the ...

    From: Moscow, Russia Images: 2
  • Aeroplane Model - Tupolev Tu-104 Object

    Aeroplane Model - Tupolev Tu-104

    Aircraft History The Tupolev Tu-104 was a twin-jet, medium range Soviet jet airliner introduced into service in 1956. The design was based on the Tu-16/Tu-88 bomber using the same Miku ...

    From: Moscow, Russia Images: 2
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