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  • Torpedo Boat Model - Vosper MTB 379 Object

    Torpedo Boat Model - Vosper MTB 379

    Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 379 was the prototype of a new Royal Navy design for a 73-foot fast attack flush decked wooden MTB combining torpedo and heavier gun armament. Chief designer wa ...

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  • No Image Available Object

    Torpedo Boat Model - HMVS Childers, 1956

    HMVS Childers was part of the Victorian colonial navy and built in the United Kingdom by Thornycroft as a fast 63 ton first class torpedo boat equipped with Whitehead torpedoes in two t ...

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  • Torpedo Boat Model - Ariete Object

    Torpedo Boat Model - Ariete

    Model of the torpedo boat Ariete, built by Thornycroft in Britain for the Spanish government. Launched in 1887 it was capable of just over 25 knots. This 1:48 scale mdel was donated to ...

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