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Dr Dorothy Howard (1902-1996)

Photograph - Dorothy Howard, Studio Portrait, circa 1950

Image: Photograph - Dorothy Howard, Studio Portrait, circa 1950

Source: Museum Victoria

Fifty years ago, children in school playgrounds around Australia were chanting, running, skipping, catching, flicking marbles and throwing jacks. Dorothy Howard, an American scholar on a study trip to Australia as a Fulbright fellow, and a self-confessed 'playground sleuth', was there to record their activities. The result of her observations was a series of articles published mainly in academic journals in the United States and Britain. In 1996 her articles were republished in Child's Play: Dorothy Howard and the Folklore of Australian Children (eds K. Darian-Smith & J, Factor, Museum Victoria, Melbourne).

Dr Howard's publications include Dorothy's World: Childhood in Sabine Bottom, 1902-1910, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1977; Pedro of Tonalá, 1989; and Folklore for Children and Young People: a Critical and Descriptive Bibliography for Use in the Elementary and Intermediate School (with Eloise Ramsey), American Folklore Society Bibliographical Series, vol. 3, 1952.




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