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The Apple Computer Story - Apple I Launched 1976

Circuit Board - Apple I Replica

Image: Circuit Board - Apple I Replica

Source: Museum Victoria

Several stages have been identified in the history of the Apple Computer Company from 1976 to 2002. These stages are not necessarily chronological and, in fact, some overlap in time.

This narrative deals with one of those stages.

Each stage is described in a separate narrative.

The complete list of stages is:

Apple I Launched 1976
Corporate Rise 1977-1983
The Graphic User Interface 1983-1984
Desktop Publishing 1985-1991 
Imaging 1987-1994
Cable Networking 1984-1991
Portability 1977 onwards
Digital Video 1991
Apple loses its way 1991-1996
Return to Roots 1996-1999
MegaHertz War Myth 1994-2005
UNIX operating system adopted 1999 and 2001
Wireless connectivity introduced 1999
Music for the Millions 2001onwards

Apple I Launched 1976

In 1976, Jobs took advantage of Wozniak's technological brilliance to design a computer, the Apple I, which far surpassed the capacities of the microcomputers of the day. These were the products of computer hobbyists, whose efforts were being ignored by the large mainframe manufacturers who saw no need for personal computers. This was a time when many people were constructing their own homebrew computers. Wozniak's skills as a 'hacker' allowed him to see new means of assembling existing electronics to a far better effect than in the standard kits being sold to hobbyists. Apple was one of the few computing companies caught up in the Woodstock antiestablishment antiwar feeling.

'Apple I Launched 1976' is represented in the Apple Collection by Apple I replica

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