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Alice Chapman, Artist (1860-1929)

Framed Oil Painting - 'Sitting in State', by Alice Chapman (Artworks)

Image: Framed Oil Painting - 'Sitting in State', by Alice Chapman (Artworks)

Source: Museum Victoria

Alice Chapman was born in 1860 at Inglewood and died in 1929. She studied art at the gallery in Melbourne and was a contemporary of members of the Heidelberg School. She painted a number of portraits of local government officials and other dignatories, and was a member of the Victorian Artists' Society. She was elected an Honorary Life Governor of the Bendigo Art Gallery in 1894. A contemporary newspaper reported that 'Miss Chapman's method of work is most sound, always as a preliminary step making charcoal and crayon studies of her subjects, and frequently smaller studies in colour of the intended picture. She paints freely, and with a firm touch, but ? she avoids the impressionist's hurried and merely suggestive style?'

Museum Victoria History and Technology Department Supplementary File: SH 961795

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