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Horst Hahne, Coin Engraver, Royal Australian Mint

Medal - Australian International Coin Fair Sydney,1988

Image: Medal - Australian International Coin Fair Sydney,1988

Source: Museum Victoria

Horst Hahne, PSM, was the Royal Australian Mint's Chief Engraver. He joined the Mint in 1965 and climbed through its ranks before retiring in 1999. His contributions included the coin designs for the $10 State Series and the $200 Pride of Australia Series. Hahne also designed the reverse of a 1991 commemorative 50 cent coin; the 1995 20 and 50 cent commemorative coins; and a 1988-1990 two dollar coin.

In 1993, Hahne won an Australian Design Award for the $10 Birds of Australia coin series followed by the Public Service Medal in 1996.

Royal Australian Mint website, accessed 16/1/2004

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