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Prue Acton, Fashion Designer (1943- )

Coat - Black Wool Mini

Image: Coat - Black Wool Mini

Source: Museum Victoria

Prue Acton was born in Benalla, Victoria, in 1943. She completed a Diploma of Art (majoring in Textiles) in 1962 and in the following year started her own company (in Flinders Lane) with a loan from her parents. She was the first Australian designer to break into the American market, after a successful visit to New York in 1967. Prue received a number of awards during her career, including five Australian Wool Board Awards, three David Jones Awards for Fashion Excellence and four Fashion Industry of Australia Lyrebird Awards, as well as receiving an OBE in 1982. After closing her business in the late 1980s, she now works as a full-time painter.

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