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Deputy Masters of the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint

Mounted Print - Melbourne Mint

Image: Mounted Print - Melbourne Mint

Source: Museum Victoria

Major General Sir Edward Wolstanholme Ward KCMG, 1867-1877
Vernon Delves Broughton, 1878-1884
George Anderson, March 1885-April 1895
Robert Barton June, 1895-May 1904
Edward Stanfield Wardell May, 1904-Aug 1915
Matthew Lawson Bagge, Sep 1915-May 1921
Albert Malet LeSouef, Jun 1921-April 1926
William Mosette Robins, May 1926-Dec 1931
Hugh Douglas McCay, Jan 1932-Dec 1935
Ernest Thomas Clucas, Jan 1936-Dec 1941
Oswald Garnet Reynolds I.S.O., Jan 1942-July 1954
Leslie Alfred Webb, July 1954-1968
H.R. Weekes, 1968-1969

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