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Post Office at the Newmarket Saleyards

Loudspeaker - Small

Image: Loudspeaker - Small

Source: Museum Victoria

In the days before computers, mobile phones, fax machines and the internet, the Post & Telegraph Office was the nerve centre for communications between the Newmarket Saleyards and the outside world.

In October 1874, a post office was opened in the Administration Block at Newmarket Saleyards. The Newmarket Post Office at first operated only on Wednesdays then, as demand grew, Tuesdays were also sanctioned. Prior to the opening of the Post Office, telegraph messages were sent to the Newmarket railway siding where they were collected by a messenger who then delivered them to the saleyards. Later, telegraph facilities were provided on all selling days. The telegraph office handled up to 400 messages a day, sending reports via the wires to all parts of Victoria so that farmers and agents had up-to-date knowledge of prices and sales. The Newmarket Post Office closed in 1977.

Vincent, K. 1992, On the fall of the hammer: a personal history of Newmarket saleyards, Lee White ed, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

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