Metallic Skink Niveoscincus metallicum

Lizards of Victoria series


The Metallic Skink, Niveoscincus metallicum, is larger in size than the Coventry’s Skink, N. coventryi, and possesses a single frontoparietal scale on top of its head. It is usually mottled in colour, often with ocelli on the tail and has a snout vent length of up to 60 mm.

Photo of Metallic Skink

Metallic Skink
Photographer: Peter Robertson. Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to areas from around and south of Mt. Baw Baw, the Mornington Peninsula, Mud Island and onto the Bellarine Peninsula. It utilises a wide range of habitats, from montane areas to grasslands and coastal heaths.


The Metallic Skink is active during the day and feeds on small invertebrates. Females give birth to 1-8 live young per litter.

Further Reading

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JeniLove 23 October, 2011 15:05
They were also introduced to hawaii around the 1900's.
Bill Gregson 16 December, 2010 21:30
I live in Portarlington, and there are thousands of these in my back yard, they are every where you look.
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