Water Skink Eulamprus tympanum tympanum

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The Water Skink, Eulamprus tympanum tympanum, has an olive-brown base colour on the back, with darker flecks. The flanks are dark with lighter spots. Does not have a pale stripe on the side of the face or pronounced markings under the chin. It has a snout vent length of up to 85 mm.

Water Skink, Eulamprus tympanum tympanum

Water Skink
Photographer: Peter Robertson. Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

Eulamprus tympanum tympanum is widely distributed throughout the state, except for the arid and semi arid areas in the north west. Its distribution overlaps with that of the Yellow-bellied Water Skink, E. heatwolei, in areas of the north east and Gippsland. It is usually found in association with moist habitats.


The Water Skink is a ground dwelling species and can often be observed backing on fallen logs and branches. It feeds on a variety of invertebrates and small vertebrates and the females give birth to up to 8 young in a litter.

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