The Human Story

Years 10 - VCE, Learning Kit

Human skull models
The Human Story learning kit
Image: Ben Healley
Source: Museum Victoria

This kit introduces students to aspects of human evolution. The kit contains replicas of key skull fossils in the human story, posters to allow for cranial volume calculations, a book containing background information and instructions for the teacher.

The teacher can run all of the activities at once, spread them over a number of classes or use the specimens in activities they design. An interactive pdf is provided that can be used on devices such as a tablet for recording student data or printed out. The kit is aimed at AusVELS Science students in year 10 and VCE Biology Unit 4 students. The kit covers points such as:

  • The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of living things and is supported by a range of scientific evidence
  • Scientific understanding, including models and theories, are contestable and are refined over time
  • Students use knowledge of scientific concepts to draw conclusions that are consistent with evidence
  • Students examine evidence for evolution of life forms over time.

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