Community Exhibitions

Tell your community’s experiences and stories of migration and diversity…

Community exhibitions are created by communities themselves with support from the Museum. The museum provides financial, marketing and promotional support so that communities can create quality exhibitions. Communities must be able to demonstrate community support and endorsement for exhibitions so that they are inclusive and representative of the community.

Where possible community exhibitions are scheduled to coincide with important milestones or celebrations in the participating community’s calendar.

What are the aims of the Community Gallery?

  • To provide a forum for community groups, organisations and special interest groups to tell stories and investigate themes relating to immigration, cultural diversity and identity.
  • To encourage community collaboration, participation and ownership.
  • To document and promote the diverse community stories and experiences that are an important part of Australian history.
  • To contribute to the history collections of Museum Victoria and the State of Victoria.
Photo of Maltese Festa exhibition display

Maltese Festa exhibition display, 2006.
Photographer: Jon Augier