Community Feedback

Rolando Garay, President, CELAS

I would like to express on behalf of CELAS our appreciation to all the Staff of the Immigration Museum for the commitment and professionalism. In the personal matters, my sincerely and deep gratitude yourself for making the exhibition a great success in the community and in the broad society. Many thank you that reflect my personal appreciation to all of you and which to continuing working together in the future as CELAS building bridges to our diversity and  heritage rich in culturally - The Spanish speaking community in Victoria. (Rolando Garay, President, CELAS)

Organizer, Bosnian Community Exhibition

In 2005 I was part of a team that organised, designed and researched an exhibition called Welcome to my home.  The idea for the exhibition came from a number of people from within Bosnian community with an aim of introducing a relatively young Bosnian Community to a wider context of Australian Society. Through stories of journey and through precious memorabilia from Bosnia we introduced ourself for the first time properly and with respect.
Organizer, Bosnian Community Exhibition

Representative from Punjabi Community in Victoria

We were able to share and celebrate important stories about our community’s traditions and history. I think one of the most important outcomes of the exhibition was that women with traditional weaving and embroidery skills felt valued, perhaps for the first time, in Australia. 
Representative from Punjabi Community in Victoria

Patricia Kimtia, President, CHARM

With the help and support of dedicated, passionate, tenacious and determined committee members, volunteers, the Immigration Museum staff the project would not have been a success ... We feel privileged to have been given the unique opportunity to share our migration experiences and to showcase our rich cultural heritage through the exhibition and the festival, we are no longer the “quiet achievers” and our voices have been heard…”
(Patricia Kimtia, President, CHARM)

Photo from Kimono to Sushi exhibition, 2006 
Kimono to Sushi exhibition, 2006. Photographer: Benjamin Healley

Bosnian Herzegovinian Festival, 2005