Creating Exhibitions

Bring together a group from your community to create an exhibition

If you are planning to gather a group representing your community to create an exhibition, here is what you have to do:

  • Gather a group together who can form the working team for the project
  • Write down an overview of the story you wish to tell through the exhibition
  • Think about themes that could be developed, identify objects, materials and photographs that may be presented in the exhibition
  • You will have to do some research and also interview representatives from your community so that you can present a broad community view in the exhibition
  • Find support from within your community to undertake your proposal

The exhibition planning committee will have to commit to this project for 12 to 18 months. There will be a number of development meetings in the lead up to presentation of the exhibition – the Museum can give you more information about this.

Exhibition Planning Committee

A group of community leaders and representatives form the Exhibition Planning Committee which isresponsible for shaping and developing the exhibition in collaboration with the Manager, Community Exhibitions. Planning and development commences 12 to 18 months prior to presentation of exhibition.

Tasks to be undertaken by Exhibition Planning Committee:

  • Identify themes and stories for the exhibition that are inclusive and representative
  • Conduct research in order to develop stories, ideas and themes
  • Identify and collect images from community members or other sources
  • Identify and collect objects, conduct interviews and oral histories
  • Record and document relevant information so that themes, object labels and captions can be prepared
  • Ensure exhibition documentation is obtained, in particular copyright permissions and object loan agreements (the Museum will assist with relevant documentation)
  • Attend exhibition development meetings
  • Contribute to launch event and publicity
  • Provide feedback and evaluation on the process

Support and assistance provided by the Museum for exhibition development:

  • Assist with exploration of ideas and content development
  • Support with the identification of material culture, images and stories, and with sourcing them from other cultural institutions
  • Organise collection of objects
  • Assistance with text development
  • Support with editing text
  • Manage and coordinate exhibition design, production and delivery
  • Plan exhibition schedule, meetings and follow up on deadlines
  • Manage deinstallation of exhibition and return of objects

Exhibition Launch

An exhibition launch is organised by the Museum in consultation with the community. Approximately 100 people attend the launch, comprising community representatives and Museum stakeholders.


The Immigration Museum’s Public Relations Officer will develop a publicity campaign in consultation with the Exhibition Planning Committee.


The Marketing Manager will liaise with community representatives to identify appropriate targeted marketing strategies.

Public Programs

Any programs associated with the exhibition such as demonstrations, lectures, tours, family history presentations and films can be discussed with the Public Programs team at the Museum.


Each exhibition presented in the Community Gallery is insured to the value of $50,000. Items that are over this value will be separately assessed and insured. The Immigration Museum covers insurance for objects that are on site and not while they are in transit.


Each exhibition is evaluated by visitor surveys. We also seek feedback from the Exhibition Planning Committee in relation to the process of exhibition development and use this information for future projects.

Big Box forecourt

Buchenwald survivors gathered in front of Buchenwald Boys exhibition panel.

Welcome to my Home exhibition, 2005

Celebrating World Cultures through Scouting