Past Exhibitions


 Real Australians Say Welcome Artist talk with Peter Drew THEATRETTE link to Mexican Cuisine Workshop Mexican Cuisine Workshop Learn how to cook with one of Mexico’s most versatile products – the corn tortilla. THEATRETTE link to Art/Hope/Culture - Artist Talks Art/Hope/Culture – Artist Talks Discover the work of an exceptional group of women artists from migrant and refugee backgrounds. THEATRETTE link to Wheelie Workshop Wheelie Workshop & Parade with The Squeaky Wheel Bring your own vehicle for an afternoon of decoration and parade! FESTIVALS COURTYARD link to Freedom Freedom Share the stories of 24 people forced to leave their homes to seek asylum in Australia. link to Team Tartan Team Tartan Criss, cross, warp and weft – help create an entirely new kind of tartan! whisky glass Whisky Tasting Workshops Sample the ‘water of life’ and explore the history and renaissance of the Scottish whisky industry. THEATRETTE Scots Wha Hae Scots Wha Hae Scots Wha Hae reveals the influence of the Scottish in Victoria.  Henna hand painting workshop Learn about this beautiful body art tradition practised by Muslim women the world over.  Tortillas and Tamales Cooking Workshop Learn how to cook with one of Mexico’s most versatile products – the corn tortilla. punch and judy Kids Fest: Play! Come along to this one day family festival and have fun with toys and games from many cultures.  Symposium - Can we talk? Well, can we? A one-day symposium that explores what it means to be a multilingual society. people walking down a street What is modest fashion? Join fashion photographer Langston Hues (USA), ‘hijab stylist’ Zulfiye Tufa, and Tasneem Chopra. THEATRETTE Seeking Refuge in Nhill Seeking Refuge in Nhill A photographic exhibition exploring the struggles and achievements of the Karen community in Nhill. Faith Fashion Fusion: a young Muslim woman Faith Fashion Fusion An exhibition exploring fashion, faith and Muslim identity. Leaving Dublin Leaving Dublin Irish photographer David Monahan captures the courage of the current generation of Irish migrants. EAST WING GALLERY portrait of a young man IKONA Portraits A photo exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of Greek migration. ATRIUM boy with plane made from recycled material Kids Fest: All Aboard! A special children’s festival for children aged 3-12 and their families. A plate of Indian sweets Sweets: tastes and traditions from many cultures Discover the delicious ways in which Victorian communities use sweet foods in their cultures. COMMUNITY GALLERY red suitcase In-Transit Display Evocative displays about travel and migration created during the In-Transit workshops. JOURNEYS OF A LIFETIME Open for (more than) Business Open for (more than) Business An exhibition about the role local businesses play in migrant communities in Melbourne. ATRIUM Belonging: Reflections on Place Belonging: Reflections on Place An exhibition featuring large scale video projections of travel and migration. COMMUNITY GALLERY Cultural Diversity Quest Exhibition Cultural Diversity Quest Exhibition A documentary of some of the winning school entries with a behind-the-scenes look at their journey. On Their Own: Britain's child migrants On their own - Britain's child migrants During the late 19th century Britain sent over 100,000 child migrants across the British Empire. Fighting for Equality Fighting for Equality An exhibition about people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds. ATRIUM Headwear and breastplate worn in ritual Honouring our Ancestors: Remembering Timor Leste An exhibition about the rituals practised by the East Timorese community in Victoria. COMMUNITY GALLERY  West Africa: Rhythm and Spirit Explore the rich cultures of West Africa. EAST WING GALLERY Beyond the Postcard Image Beyond the Postcard Image An exhibition celebrating Mauritians and Rodriguans in Victoria. Survival of a Culture: Kurds in Australia Survival of a Culture: Kurds in Australia Explore the culture of Australia's Kurdish community. COMMUNITY GALLERY Caribbean Mix in Victoria Callaloo: the Caribbean Mix in Victoria An exhibition about Victoria's Caribbean community. COMMUNITY GALLERY Talking Faiths Talking Faiths An exhibition of interfaith dialogue. ATRIUM Australia's Muslim Cameleers Australia's Muslim Cameleers Explore the remarkable impact of Australia's Muslim cameleers in transforming central Australia.  Handing on the Key: Palestinians in Australia This exhibition explores the identity of the Palestinian community in Australia. COMMUNITY GALLERY  Cultural Diversity Quest Awards Exhibition See the winning entries from the 2009 Cultural Diversity Week Quest. CMY 20th anniversary exhibition CMY 20th anniversary exhibition Victoria's Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) celebrates 20 years of operations. Talanoa: Stories of the Fiji Community Talanoa: Stories of the Fiji Community An exhibition developed with the Fiji community of Victoria. A Worthwhile Enterprise A Worthwhile Enterprise Stories from the migrant hostel in Springvale. COMMUNITY GALLERY Our Stories: Past, Present and Future Our Stories: Past, Present and Future Wodonga's immigration stories come to Melbourne. Cultural Diversity Week Quest Exhibition Cultural Diversity Week Quest Exhibition See winning entries from the 2010 Cultural Diversity Week Quest. ATRIUM Ancient Hampi Ancient Hampi: The Hindu Kingdom Brought to Life Immerse yourself in the ancient world of Hampi. Child on beach Waters of Tuvalu: A nation at risk An exhibition that explored the effects of climate change on Pacific island nations.  Kimono: Osaka's Golden Age Discover breathtakingly beautiful kimono and accessories from the glory days of Japan.  Trailblazers: Migrant women activists The untold story of migrant women who fought for special services. A Community of Communities Victoria's Spanish speaking community includes people from 23 different countries. Greek treasures: from the Benaki Museum in Athens Over 8,000 years of history in one extraordinary exhibition. Station Pier, Melbourne Station Pier: Gateway to a New Life Find out why this landmark has become such an evocative symbol of Victoria's immigration history. Conny Deitzschold Far Away, So Close Contrasting the lives of German and Australian migrants. Chinese Ground Opera Mask Masks of China: Ritual and Legend Discover rare and spectacular masks in this exhibition exclusive to the Immigration Museum.  Kurbet... The continuing story of Victoria's Albanian community.  We came as workers, we stayed as citizens 40 years of Turkish migration. ATRIUM Scouts Celebrating World Cultures Through Scouting Take a new look at the Scouts!